Wicked Romance Of A Vampire

Kelly Hunter is a psychic that talks to ghosts.

Max Duran is a vampire. After they bump into each other (literally) they start a psychic conversation that is Kelly's first communication with a live person. (Or an undead, solid one anyway!) Even though he can be irritatingly arrogant, she comes to grudgingly rely on talking to Max to relieve her loneliness.
Max knows Kelly Hunter is his mate. He has waited hundreds of years for his opportunity to have her with him forever and he will do anything to possess her.
When Kelly is blackmailed by Max to go to him in person...she's furious. But she's about to find out just how devious a vampire can think. Will she run away from fate...or will Max show her just how much pleasure there is in being wicked?

18+ ONLY. This is an Erotic Short Story with a heavy emphasis on EROTIC. The book contains graphic sex, graphic language, bondage and other subjects that are for adult audiences only.

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