Rough Day For The Teacher

Heather Jordan was just doing her job, picking up trash around the university classroom after her last class was over.

It was the sort of job left for teaching assistants working on their PhD. She hadn't planned to look at the bondage magazine she found on the floor, but curiosity overtook her as she thumbed through the pages. Just her luck...she was found at that very moment by Dr. Alex Hanson, her senior professor. She tried to stammer out an explanation for why she was reading pornography on the job...but Professor Hanson wasn't buying it. He demanded punishment for her behavior. She could either have her career as a Chemist ruined or submit to his punishment. Reluctantly, she agrees to his punishment, never imagining what would await her when she was under Dr Alex Hanson's control!!

18+ only. This book contains graphic sex, bondage, spanking and other subjects suitable for mature audiences only.

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