The Millionaire And The Librarian

Tory Price was just an ordinary librarian who's biggest excitement was being the "story lady" on friday evening for the children.

Until Lucas Duncan, their biggest millionaire financial donor for the library fund, left his wallet in the library. Tory called him to let him know and he asked her to bring it by his house. Tory didn't know she was walking into a trap. When she delivered the wallet to Luke he insisted that money was missing. But Luke was willing to make a deal. Tory thought it was a deal with the devil. Blackmailed for sex! Will she run...or will she let Luke take her (literally) to the most glorious heights of passion she has ever known?

16 page short story

18+ Only - This book contains graphic sex, reluctant sex and other topics meant for adults only.

This Story is a part Of The Pleasure Of His Punishment ; The Complete Collection

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