Rough Ride With A Cowboy

Maddie Price was finally home on her beloved ranch after being away at college for the last four years.

While she was flying across the wide open spaces on horseback, she crosses onto the property of The Flying J and into the arms of Jason Sterling, one of the owners of the Flying J which is one of the biggest cattle operations in the country. Unfortunately, she has damaged some of Jason's property and he's not happy. He can't report it to the police. Her grandpa is sick and fragile. It could cause a rift in the friendship between Jason's father and Maddie's grandpa. She just wants him to have some peace. She begs and pleads with Jason for mercy and his silence. She tells him she will do anything. But she never counts on Jason's brand of punishment. And what will she have to do for him to keep his silence? Jason has his own plans and he will teach her some sweet domination "cowboy style."

18+ Only. This book contains graphic sex, spanking, bondage and other subjects for mature audiences only.

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