A Forfeit For A Cowboy

Jenna Hall was miserable.

The man she had adored for years was getting married to a big breasted, platinum blond. She had run to her best friend Brody as she always did when she was sad, happy or anything in between. He was always there to comfort her, make her laugh, make her feel better.

Little did she know that Brody was tired of seeing her weep over a city boy who didn't deserve her tears. Jenna owed him a forfeit and he was planning to collect in a whole new way. Jenna was about to see a dangerous side of Brody that she had never seen before. Should she fight his dominance of her body or should she give into the most incredible pleasure she has ever known?

18+ Only. This book contains graphic sex, bondage, reluctant sex and other topics meant for mature audiences only.

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