Dearest Protector

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author J.S. Scott comes the long-awaited follow-up to Dearest Stalker! This is Ben Blackwood and Ariel Prescott's story.

At the young age of twenty-three, I felt like my life was over.

One accident, one incident that I couldn't even remember, had stolen my successful New York ballet career that I had worked so hard for since my early childhood.

Now, I was back home in Florida trying to eke out a living with very few job skills and not a single person who cared about me except my best friend, Katie.

And then I met Benjamin Blackwood, a brilliant, gorgeous billionaire, in probably the most mortifyingly embarrassing way possible.

Even though we'd never even met before, he offered me a deal and a chance at a new life that I literally couldn't afford to turn down, and for the first time, I began to believe that I could be happy without my dancing career.

I found my new career. I found myself. I found my confidence and joy again. I found red-hot passion and intimacy for the very first time with a man who made me feel things I never thought possible.

Suddenly, my life was nearly perfect.

Until the day when I realized Ben Blackwood's real motivation for stepping up to save me in the first place...

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