Billionaire Unattainable~Mason

One plus size woman who wants to have a child via artificial insemination because her biological clock is ticking. One reclusive billionaire who is more than willing to give her the kid she wants...the natural way. Two people who might very well discover that what they'd wanted at the beginning of their relationship isn't what they'd really needed at all!!!


I have everything I've always wanted.  A successful career as a plus size model, a new business that's flourishing, financial security, and amazing friends who I know will always have my back.

So everything should be perfect in my world, right?  I should be content.

Unfortunately, I'm not.  I want to have a child, and my biological clock is ticking way too loudly for my liking.  Since every man I'd ever dated was a jerk, I was okay with not having a man in my life.  I'd already decided I was better off without one.  Problem was, I did need a baby daddy, so my only solution was to find a sperm donor, and I was ready to do exactly that at a fertility clinic...until a very unlikely source, billionaire Mason Lawson, offers to knock me up the natural way.

I mean, really?  How can a woman who wants to have a child not consider Mason's offer?  The man was every woman's fantasy, including mine.  I can't even look at him without wanting to tear his clothes off and find out what's underneath that cool, businesslike, billionaire facade.

Honestly though, I just don't understand his motives.  Why would he want to have an intimate relationship with a plus size woman like me?  Not that I wouldn't love to dip into his "gene pool," but why in the world does he want to be the father of my child?

I wasn't about to accept his offer.  There would be way too many complications, but I'm still intrigued by the man who put that option out there in the first place.

Why did he do it?

Somebody like Mason is the man a woman really wants but can never have.

He's the unattainable.

Still, as Mason starts a sensual game of seduction with me, I'm finding it almost impossible to resist the urge to play with him, even if it's only for a little while....

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