Charlie: I wasn't the type of woman that a guy like Gavin Reid would usually notice. I was a science geek that no man really paid attention to...until a mysterious hit on my life appeared on the dark web and brought me to Gavin's attention for all the wrong reasons.

Sure, he was trying to save my life, but I wasn't about to buy that he was interested in any other way except for being a good Samaritan. Rich, highly intelligent, and scorching hot men like him never looked my way.
Nevertheless, he did save me in more ways than one, and once I got to know him and his monster dog, I found out that Gavin harboured his own secret pain. He'd been haunted by his past...just like me, and even though our circumstances were different, we were also very much alike.

Thrown together by accident, I had to fight our overwhelming attraction, remind myself that it wasn't real. With my life in danger, the adrenaline was high, but once we got back to the real world, the chemistry that was burning white-hot would slowly fade away and I'd go back to my safe, ordinary life again.

Do I risk it all and tell him my secrets, or do I keep everything hidden so I can walk away from him once the threat to my life is over?

Maybe the hot, stubborn, ultra-intelligent hacker is exactly what I need in my life, but can a woman like me ever be enough for a man like Gavin?

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