For Readers of The Billionaire’s Obsession series, read about The Virgin Auction from Ruby’s POV and what happens once the highest bidder wins!!!

What happens when a homeless woman is kidnapped and her body is put up for auction to the highest bidder?

Well, it seems like pretty much nothing happens.

I’m nobody. And people don’t notice when someone who doesn’t exist disappears.

It’s not like I have somebody who cares enough to look for me. I’ve been homeless for years, and not a single soul has even noticed.

But I refuse to cower in front of a crowd of people who actually get off on seeing a woman sold like an animal.

I know that escape is my only option, but I haven’t been successful so far because I’ve been locked away.

Now that they’ve taken me out of my captivity, I’ll be looking for every chance I get to run.

Maybe they can get away with taking my body, but I’m determined not to let them ever have my soul.

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